FirstClassLisp – A Lisp interpreter written in C# with first class macros and continuations.

ChessPuzzle – my first Haskell program that actually does something sort of interesting.
IOMonad – An article about how the Haskell IO monad works, by “implementing” it in C#.
Numeraire – When modelling FX derivatives, it’s often simpler to represent everything in terms of a standard currency (or “numeraire”) that isn’t any of the currencies that you are physically trading.

RhoDelta– How delta and rho are related to each other.

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2 thoughts on “Articles

  1. Maren Peterson-DeGroff

    Hi, I ran across your photos of Gimmelwald, circa 1995. I believe I was there at the *same time* you look so familiar. Anyway, thank you for those GORGEOUS photo reminders…we came for 2 days, stayed for 10. It was a wrench to leave, but you know, Europe was waiting…
    I wish I could post a photo here of Risa and I, to see if we look familiar. But my guess is we sang songs and drank beer on the porch and listened to the didgeridoo guy and cooked marvelous meals in the kitchen together.
    If not actually in each presence, in spirit.

    1. phollingsworth Post author

      Hi Maren! Thanks for getting in touch! I got an email from another guy who was there at the time also a while back. Your name rings a bell but I would have guessed that you were the one sitting on the balcony rail – but in that case you would have just pointed yourself out from that!


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