Whitby Golf Course

One of my more clever moments: I played golf in Peterborough with my Mum and Russ last Saturday. Stayed overnight, but the next day it was pooring with rain with more persistent heavy rain to come up from the south. But in the north, apparently, it was beautiful (I was checking the weather forecast on my iPhone repeatedly to get such timely information "on-the-go").

So rather than drive back to London as originally planned, I instead drove 3 hours north east to the coastal town of Whitby in North Yorkshire.

I got to the club house at 7pm - asked "Any chance of a late tee off?". Sure - no problem. He only charged me 8 pounds. Turns out, accomodation was sorted too - there's a pub near the 6th green called "The White House" - so I didn't have to waste any time looking for a place to stay - I just stopped by once I'd finished the hole (parred it).

When I looked out the window the next day, I knew I'd made a great call!

It turned out also that on the Monday they had an Open competition, so I even got to play a bit of competitive golf... Although the competitive nature of it was quickly dispelled after I had lost a ball on the 3rd, and drove two tee shots out of bounds off the cliff on the 4th.

But, I didn't really mind - as it was simply a spectacular way to spend the day. I'd always wanted to play some "cliff side" links golf in the UK - now, for the first time, I got to experience it:

By cliff side golf, I mean things like the 6th hole here - where you have to tee off across a ravine to the fairway on the other side. That sign says "Don't tee off while there are people walking below".

I ended up shooting 94 - pretty terrible but mainly because I lost 17 shots on 3 particular holes - the ones in the teeth of the wind, with my driving being, unfortunately, really inconsistent to start with. But still, by the back nine I was playing much better - lost only 4 shots there.

Here's my playing partner - Kevin.  He had only been playing golf for a year, but shot 85! Of course, he later mentioned that he'd been playing every single day for the last year... and clearly had very good fundamentals too.

Definitely one of my more inspired ideas.

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