In September 2004 me and a mate (Anthony) rented a car in Copenhagen and drove around Denmark, Norway and Sweden. I then went on to Munich for Oktoberfest, then over to Chicago. Click on

Copenhagen - where we started




Here are some other write ups of places I've been to:




New York





The Masters


Other articles

Resume-brief - Resume

Resume - Resume

Ito Demo - A spreadsheet that demonstrates Ito's Lemma, a result that allows you to work out the derivatives of functions of brownian motion.

Hedging Demo - A spreadsheet that demonstrates how to replicate a European call option, when the volatility is not constant.

ValueEntity - Some thoughts I've had about where computer languages might be heading

ScriptAdapter - Automatically expose oleautomation interfaces to scripting clients - no recompilation necessary! May we never have to implement IDispatch again! Well, at least the ScriptAdapter gives you a darn good try ;-)

Marsalling - Often a true test of how well you understand something is by trying to explain it to someone else. I couldn't find anyone to listen, so I wrote it down instead! Someday I might revise it to be a bit more interesting!

CoProxyImpl - Encapsulates the Intel x86 code necessary to implement a custom vtbl COM interface. There's a lot of cool things I plan to do with this, let me tell you!

ImplementQI - Obsolete and of historical interest only. ImplementQI.H has been integrated into Comet.

CoWriteOnlyDispatch - The first cool thing I did with CoProxyImpl: Record and play back method calls, multi-cast them to a bunch of listeners. Pretty cool? I think so.

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